Minty Boost Bad

This is a follow-up to my previous post: Proprietary Batteries Bad, Standard Batteries Good. That post describes building a Minty Boost kit and the promise of using the Minty Boost with standard batteries to charge my cell phone rather than getting a second proprietary battery. I enjoyed building the kit and initially it seemed to work as hoped. However, the Minty Boost ended up failing miserably.

First, with freshly charged rechargeable batteries, the Minty Boost was not able to supply enough power to charge the phone. To beĀ fair, the phone’s discharge rate was slower with Minty Boost attached. But the Minty Boost does not seem capable of actually meeting or exceeding the Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket’s power demands.

Second, within 15 minutes of connecting that pair of freshly charged batteries they were discharged to the point where there was no noticeable improvement in power over the phone’s internal battery alone.

Finally, the Minty Boost stopped working altogether after the third time it was connected to the phone. Perhaps it shorted. In any case I didn’t see the point of trying to fix it since even when it worked it didn’t serve its intended purpose.

Much as I wanted it to work, the Minty Boost is a fail for power hungry devices like the Skyrocket.

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