New Website, New Name, and the Start of Boating Season

I stayed busy during the winter and spring with boat related projects, all aimed at getting things shipshape. The race to get the boat running in time for summer is essentially done and we’ll call it a tie.

Starting with documentation… the new blog is finally here. This site is dedicated to the life aquatic, although, occasionally it may venture onto a tangent. I transferred previous articles (with original dates) but this post is the first one that is original to this new site. In addition to current activities, I’ll put some effort into documenting work done over the past six months.

Since getting the boat, perhaps the toughest decision has been a new name. Inspiration finally hit and the decision is made: Czardas (pronounced like “char” + “dash”). It is a type of Gypsy dance that opens rhapsodically and finishes fast. After mulling over the name for a few days I took the plunge, submitting it on the application for Coast Guard vessel documentation. Incidentally, there’s currently a two month lag in processing  documentation requests. Affixing the new lettering will take some effort and now joins a long queue of projects.

With the July Fourth holiday fast approaching, my focus has been making the boat ready to use. Some notable milestones:

  • New AC shore power system is finished
  • New start and house batteries are installed with boxes and tie downs
  • New battery cabling is in place along with new bus bars and proper fuses
  • New Vessel Systems Monitor is installed and monitoring AC power and both battery banks
  • New fuel supply system is completed and engine is running
  • Serviced the anchor windlass
  • All required safety equipment is aboard

Several more projects are currently underway including servicing the water tanks, additional engine maintenance, cleaning lockers, and stowing equipment. All will be ready for taking the boat out to enjoy the fantastic fireworks display over Lake Union on the Fourth.

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