The Night Before

If all goes well I will be a boat owner in about 16 hours. I found the boat on Craigslist and checked it out last weekend. The seller agreed to a handshake deal contingent upon survey.

It has taken a boatload of effort along with asking for numerous favors to coordinate tomorrow’s exchange. The seller volunteered to take the boat from its home in Mats Mats Bay to Port Townsend, where the boat can be hauled out of the water. I had to contact a couple different yards to find one that could schedule lift time tomorrow.

My friend Helmut connected me with a reputable boat surveyor and the three of us will drive to Port Townsend together in the morning. Assuming the survey turns up no big surprises, we’ll seal the deal. The surveyor will drive back while Helmut and I sail the boat to its new home in Seattle. The trip is likely to take around 10+ hours–a good opportunity to learn the boat’s basic sailing qualities.

Other preparations included:

  • applying for insurace and assuring coverage from the moment of transfer
  • arranging for moorage in Seattle on Lake Union
  • reviewing the procedures for going through the Ballard Locks and purchasing the required 50 foot lines
  • checking weather and tidal currents

Everything is in place and the decision hinges on the survey. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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